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1864 blog-Valeria-Lawrence-letter home

Dear sister,
As soon as you read this, send me a letter. I think I say this before but I'm afraid for the graybacks , I think now we screwed up. I don't know if this is the end of our confederacy journy. I've worked incredibely hard to make sure that our soldiers stay together ragardless if  I'm a plain ol’ seamen. I think that the federales have stepped up on their game and now they have practiced drills. They have this fancy, massively bad general sherman, who doesn't care about Lee’s plans. I understand the fact that we're opponents but atleast hear us out! I'm panickeing, that guy litteraly burned down Atlanta. Do you know what Atlanta is to us?? Do you ? Atlanta is the only manufacturing center in this war for us dixies! Without that beautiful city we wouldn't have the musket rifles or Minny balls. Without Artillery, do you think that we can go on? Look I'm sorry if I'm yelling, I don't know how to express my feelings. To top it off, they're scaring the Georgians , you do remember who lives their right? Aunt Sarah, our favarite!! Sherman is too much, he's messing everything up. And I Lawrence Simmonds will not let this slide. If I have to do somthing to that generel, I will. We don't have good weapons, we now have to start off by scratch. I'm stressed because we're from the south and we mainly focus on agriculture than industry, it's going to take a while. The tables have turned and even though the butternuts were winning, now it's the federals turn.
I'll write you as soon as our artillery gets better (if it does)
I lav you so much, you meen a lat to meh
your brother Lawrence S

Extra?-Vocab flash cards -Valeria     πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

1864 blog- heydi

Dear ivarene
Im desperate i didn't want to worry you or Earnest but we are doing bad really bad. You might think i'm exaggerating knowing how i am but this time it's no exaggeration the Union is really defeating us. To make this clearer let me tell you about the past battle. It all started with a group of soldiers led by General sherman a cruel federal general that proposed to ruin anything that had to do with the confederacy and use that all throughout as his main strategy.  Their first tactic was to destroy our communication and railroad lines, but what seemed to be their main attack was to destroy Atlanta which is one of the few major manufacturing centers for us during this war.  Their infantry decided they would also destroy and terrorize Georgia.Sherman's men had no mercy and went through the land causing massive destruction by starting huge fires that later caused us not only all of our supplies but many lives too. In the long run Sherman's march was practically the ruin of us, as we could no longer have ammunition as needed but work with the very little that was left. At this point i really don't know if we're going to make it Ivarene, whatever happens know that you and the kids mean the world to me hope to write to u soon with better news love flash. 

Alvin Busic diary entry #4 - Gen. Sherman and his march

Dear diary-
The Union general William Tecumseh Sherman marched from savannah to Atlanta. Once he reached Atlanta, he burned it all. It was not a good day for us rebels. He is just so brutal. It was a great tragedy for the Confederacy considering that Atlanta was our main center of industry and thus held all our factories. It really freaked everyone out, and I feel real bad for all them people in the town when Sherman came through and destroyed it all. All them Northerners foraged around for food after their main attack wiped out one of our key cities, Atlanta. The war is slowly turning in the favor of the Yanks.


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Biscuits -Valeria -extra

Dear sistar,
I received your letter about the biscuts that I used to help mom with, I don’t know why you like them a lot but I guess it’s cause I give them that hint of love. So I hope you enjoy my famous simonds-bits.
So what you want to do first is have your measurements and ingridients ready. What you’ll need is flour, baking powder, salt, milk, butter, spoons, container, metal, pans.
Mom already knows the measurements so just ask her for those, cause to be honest, she did the measurements and I just added the touch. I'm not telling you all of it because it's a secret but your biscuits could be similar to mine.
Once mom is done with the mesurments, go ahead and pour the flour into the container.
Now take some time to Make sure you go outside and start a fire, just like you were to roast chicken.
Once your done from that, go ahead and mix the flour with the baking powder, salt.
Stir that around to make sure that everything is well distributed.
Once that is done, add the milk into the container. Don't add a lot though
Stir that once again.
To have that sort of texture let it sit for about 3 minutes
Then put on gloves
In the pan , go ahead and place your raw biscuit dough
Make sure to atleast out 4 just in case that they don't cook good
Go ahead and place the pan outside on top of the fire
Let it sit for 2 minutes
Make sure you flip it after those 2 minutes
You can flip them when the golden color is shown.
Once your done just make sure to put mashed potatoes
Sister if this recipe isn't good enough I'm sorry,I can't think well right now. I promise that If i ever get to make it home, I'll make sure to make them biscuits

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James Brooks 1863- Sydney

Dear Amelia,
I am writing to you from a terrible war zone. The confederacy is in really bad shape from our battle at  Gettysburg. The officers are doubting our chance at winning this war due to all the blows we took in the first and second day. The union used their population against us, we have few men left, they do too but more than us. We thought the battle was going to be better because of our recent wins but Gettysburg definitely cought us by surprise. Our expectation wasn't to get into battle leading into Gettysburg.
James Brooks

1863 blog-Heydi

  • Dear Ivarene I can't express how much I miss you, now is when I realized that I had so much back at home , unlike many others here I actually have a family back at home waiting for my arrival. Many of the soldiers here die without no one ever claiming to be related to them, it's heart sickening. Battle by battle our armies get smaller and the supplies diminish, this past battle out of every single other one costed us more than ever at the battle of Gettysburg I saw men falling at my left and right sides with nothing that I could have done for them. This battle left everyone exhausted as it lasted for three days, new tactics were used especially by a union general who put his troops in a fish hook formation during the battle. Throughout the battle the Union held the high ground preventing many of our forts from getting what they needed meaning many of the things used were being smuggled by contraband. People who couldn't even get the smuggled goods were forced to forage the near by cities and survive out of hardtack, let me tell you these months were so bad that people were living out of rats. At this point there were so many casualties that injured men outnumbered town's people twelve to one and blood was seen everywhere. Our soldiers are devastate as this was General Lee's greatest defeat and most blood some battle. July 4, 1863 now left the confederacy devised in two and the union now controlled the whole Mississippi River:( please keep the confederacy in your prayers at all time at this point only a miracle can help us. 

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Blog 1863- Valeria- Lawrence Simonds

Dear sistar,
I write you from the depest part of my hart. I know that I'm not the type to seem bitter or be a sore loser. But I have to tell you, I'm hurt, I've never felt like this before. I'm starting to worry that maybe Abraham Lincoln will let negros be free, I'm mad as well. Maybe if these blacks are free I'll never set out my plan to attack and destroy them.  
I’m afraid that just because the butternuts have been defeated the battle of Gettysburg that the      Billy Yanks will think that we have surrendered, I don’t want them thnking we are minorities. I’m furious, I can’t think straight, all of these thoughts of negros in our communtiy makes me want to assassinate  all of the Maine regiment members , I’m not going to lie,their idea was genius as well as top notch.
All our precious Lee wanted was to grow some victory in the north, is that so much to ask for? On our first day of battle, there’s three, the union ended up having the high ground, it’s totally upsetting but I can’t carry a lot of  rifled muskets , I wish I could. On the second day, woah, it was terrible. Can you believe that there was 37,000 casualties? The sad part is that there isn’t enough Johnny Rebs to help. The last day, Pickett’s charge was Lee’s greatest defeat, it's sad but i can’t do much for it..
To top it off, Gettysburg was a union victory, and because they won, they’ll probably think that they can win anything. We’ll just have to wait to see who’s the real daddy here
I lav you so much
Ya brother Lawrence Simonds the coolest seamen alive

Alvin Busic diary entry - 1863 - The battle of Gettysburg

Dear diary,
Yesterday we were engaged in a battle that in total lasted 3 days. It didn't end so good for us johnny rebs. After just the first two days of fighting, there were over 37 000 casualties. We were able to push the Unioners back into Gettysburg, but then they got the high ground. Somehow, one Union regiment ran out of all their minie balls and even defended themselves with bayonets. We're not doing so good. I just wish we had more food variety during the war - I'm tired of salt pork and hardtack. Mr general Lee himself even sent some heavy artillery in to try to disarm the Union center, but unfortunately, they fired too high so when they went to take the Northereners over, they were overrun because they didn't know there were so many Union soldiers left. We could've maybe won, but the Northerners had so much more guns and troops that even with our brilliant command we didn't really stand a chance. Well, that's all for now.

1863- lemonade recipe and being homesick written by fred bloom jr. to fred bloom sr. Taner

dear pa
you probley dont remember this lemonade recipe from when i was younger becase of your alzheimers diaease but i do so i atached it to letter.

first we picked all the lemons we could find on our lemon trees. next we squezed all the lemons we had and added for cups of water to the pitchr and a couple of spons ful of sugar.

i remember we would drink all the lemonade together on the porch and we would watch the chickens and tend to the farm. homemake meals are alot better then what we eat now. now we are forced to ration our salted pork and hardtack. now anythng at home sems like a dream. it feels like one day your younge and with your dad drinking lemonad and the next your in a battle against the union with artillery firing all around you. pa i would sacrifice so much just to see you anytime soon and for this war to end. i know we all care about slavery but pa we are to poor to own slaves pa how dose slavery effect us if we dont own any. pa im starting to feel like this war isn't ment for jonny rebs like us but it is my duty to keep figh'n. pa i heard about the horors of gettysburg and im gettin afraid that dixie might lose this war or i might lose my life. i also heard about vicksburg and how the union has controll of the mississippi river. well pa i hope the recipe brings back some of your old memories and that you will tell me about what going on back at the farm.
fred bloom jr.

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1862 blog-Heydi

Dear Ernest
I write to you again to inform you about the most recent battles. The past months have been harsh it's a miracle i'm still alive at this point, i see death at every moment of the day, it's sickening my partners are dying from diseases caused by malnutrition and poor sanitation. The poor sanitation in the camps causes a fatal disease in the human intestines called Dysentery. Soldiers were dying from fatal diseases like the one i mentioned before but also because
most of the time the only thing we have to eat is hardtack a nasty hard cracker that's only any good when you are starving which was most of the time because the rations provided to each soldier are very limited. I've seen more death from diseases than from the actual battles, the people who do get hurt from battling and have serious injuries are put to sleep by a liquid drug similar to anesthesia called Chloroform.
I've been sick but don't tell ivarene she'll worry and that's far from what i want. In the past month's we've lost two of our forts including fort Henry, Fort Donelson,and  so many of our soldiers have died. This battle at Shiloh was the bloodiest battle in the US history with over 23,000 casualties. Our army planned a surprise attack on the Union army and we almost got their entire army captured but to our dismay Grant showed up and helped the Union Armies recover. To  make matters worse no one lost or won at the battle of Sharpsburg but the Union claimed victory because we were forced to retreat after a soldier yells “about face” in the bloody lane. After all we did great our Armies were smaller by huge numbers but we still managed to push back on the Union armies with the help of the confederate infantry and delay their crossing of the bridge. The great leadership of our generals delayed the bridge crossing for two hours. Thank god one of the Union generals that went by the name of McClellan was acting very naive throughout the whole battle. His decisions were giving us advantages, advantages that we needed to compensate our small numbers. A guy like him didn't deserve such a high rank  he had less battling capacities than the soldiers he was  commanding, and none of the qualities needed to be a successful leader.
That's not the worst part, this battle helped the cause that we are fighting against. After the Union claimed victory the President of the Union, Abraham Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation. This could be either to or against our advantage because this allowed negroes to fight in the Union side but at the same time gave us hope that the border states would secede at last and join us in this fight. Hopefully the upcoming months would bring better situations than what the past months brought. In the upcoming battles we will try to use the small number of advantages we have like the great cavalry, most of soldiers like me grew up riding horses. This will be one of the biggest advantages we have,  the only problem with this is that we each have to bring our own horses. I write to you to ask if you could kindly send me my horse because it's our only source i have for obtaining it and helping the other mounted infantry. Tell ivarene and the kids that i love and miss them and that  i'll write to them soon. Love- Flash Perkins 

James Brooks 1862 - Sydney

Dear Father,
The battle of Sharpsburg was a failure. The union claims they won the battle but not in our minds. I wasn't in the battle but I could definitely hear it. The sounds of attacks was pretty hard to ignore. Our battle strategy was ruined by general Mcllelan and we couldn't go through with our plans and new tactics. We lost many recruits in the battle I'm worried about if they're going to need me to fight next, the last battle went well but I'm worried the next one I fight will leave me injured. I hope everything at home is working out, and please tell Amelia that I miss her dearly. How is the farm are we making any progress, I know that when I left we were at a little bit of a money loss but father when I'm back from the war, we can get more slave work and plant more corn and cotten this season.
Your son James

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Valeria - Lawrence - 1862 blog

Dear Sister,
After a day of tought figting with the unionist  I can say that I'm proud of how far the rebels have gone. We haven't completely back down or anything bad like that, we had our little falls but we have the greatest general ever who has kept in check that we fight for what we want! To keep slavery, let's keep all of the negros working for us the whites. So in the battle of SHARPSBURG, not one side of the force got defeated. As the yanks pushed us, we prepared ourselves and pushed forward towards them. McClellan's plan was to deploy , it didn't seem to work out so well because we ended up at Dunker Church footsteps, it's so ironic because the people in the church didn't believe that violence was correct, and we fought right by their holy place. Let hours pass by and then suddenly McClellan's tactics started improving because the rebs were getting flanks . That's when I knew I had to do something big, I grabbed my minnie balland I tried to fire as fast as I can, I killed at least 8 people. I know that I'm somewhat the best. Sadly I'm still seaman.
This battle lasted like a day, the fastest battle I ever experienced, by far one of my favorites. It's even my favorite because the so called GeneraL of the yanks, McClellan got f-i-r-e-d , fired!! I'm happy for Lee, because now he doesn't have to deal with a fool. But after this battle Mr LincoLn thought it was great to issue the emancipation, which is not a good idea but whatever. I always knew this country was doomed since Lincoln went into office
Well I love you so much sisture

Weth lav and jope , yaur bruther lawrence Simonds

From the journal of Alvin Busic - my view on slavery and such 1862

Dear diary, 
Slavery is the one true way of life. Our fathers before us and their fathers and their fathers before them all owned slaves, and there is no reason we should stop that now. I hate the Union, trying to tell us how to live our lives. It disgusts me more than hardtack. The confederacy has just as much of a right to secede as the 13 colonies did when they declared their independence from Great Britain. Those abolitionists are crazy if they think we will just give up our way of life. Slaves shouldn't have rights - they have never been free, and they don't deserve freedom anyway because they're not even really a real person. This war is stupid, and it's all because those there southerners are trying to tell us how to live our lives. I can't stand it.

a letter explaining my daily life to fred bloom sr. -fred bloom jr.

dear pa,
the daily life of a soilder isnt easy first we wake up at dawn n had to work on tactics and preparing for our battle strategy's time. next we would be spent cleaning out unforms, weapons, and coking meals. after that we would have to go right back to more drills until time to eat and hit the hay. most night someone in our regimet has to go do picket duty and it made a longer and hardr day. how is life going with you pa. i hope its good because war has not ben. we lost many men at a major batle known as the battle of sharpsburg. at sharpsburg general mccellan was making many bad choices and could have easily flanked us many times. in better news in the south we have been wining many other batles and we will continue in the name of Dixie. pa i cant believe what lincoln is trying to do! he is freeing all the slaves in the confederacy but not in the boarder states. well even if those slaves are free they will never survive on their own and will just be a anoyance to the southerners. any way please write me back pa and i hope to se you soon when this war ends.
fred bloom jr.

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A letter to the best Sistur

Dear sister πŸ’–

I need to tell you something hilariuous, so as the battle of sharPsburg was taken place, I could see the foolish in “general” McClellan actions and faces, he just looked like he wasn’t ready at all! Earlier I told Robert our good GENERAL about McClellan and we just laughed at him. McClellan reminds me off this black guy that I saw walking around before i was came here and hes just as foolish as him. Anyways today I had a hardtack, disgusting cracker but it fills me up. So out of topic I know but you love me so. You know that I trust you tons, so I’m telling you and only you this. Robert has been discussing new tactics, I don’t know how I feel about it but whatever. I just think that I might have to do risky things to the government, something shadey.. Real shaady. I hope that Lee involves some calvary , since you know thats my favurite. But Yeah this battle has been quite  fair enough, ‘cause we pushed and then the yanks pushed back but I’m still alive and our territory isn’t damaged so bad, so yay for the dixie the best of the best!! πŸ’πŸ’❤

I love you and mom and dad so mushh
~ simonds

The Dixie Gazette - Battle of Sharpsburg ends in Union "victory"

September 17, 1862
Sharpsburg, Maryland
After confederate hero Robert E. Lee won some major defenses, he felt he had good chances invading Union soil. Unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstances, Union general McClellan got his hands on some of Lee's battle plans. Later, Lee sets up his defense on the high ground oitside of Sharpsburg. The opening action primarily centered around Cornfield, Westwood, and the Dunker Church. Although the union had a huge advantage in manpower and weapons, they were unable to press their advantage due to poor leadership and the fact that a great number of their generals were shot. The Comfederates, although outmanned and outgunned, had an advantage - they had been in battle before. Unfortunately for the Confederates, an officer from Alabama accidentally called "about face", which means everyone turns around. To the Union soldiers, it appeared that the Southereners were retreating! To the Sunken Lane, the nickname "Bloody Lane" was given because after just 3 hours of fighting, 5,500 men were killed or wounded with neither side gaining a definite advantage. Lee was weakest on his right side, which was given to Confederate officer Burnside to defend. Unfortunately, this was an extremely weak side because of Lee's lack of manpower. Burnside's men take 2 hours to cross the bridge at Antietam creek because the bridge is quite narrow and they were surrounded. The men finally make it across the bridge on their 3rd attempt. The confederates were then forced to retreat, because they were all out of options. Because it took Burnside 2 hours to retreat, however, Lee had time to regroup before the final attack. Finally, A.P. Hill's men arrive and push back the Union soldiers. Lucky for Lee, McClellan did not act, which gave Lee just enough time to slip back into Virginia. The Union claimed victory, but noting was really gained or lost. Due to his hesitation, McClellan is fired promptly upon return. After the battle, photography showed the grim reality of the situation and the horrors of war. After the battle, President Lincoln claimed victory for the Union and used it to emancipate all slaves down south with the Emancipation Proclamation, as well as fire General McClellan. Overall, a very bloody and almost unnecessary battle occurred, but in the end it allowed Lincoln to not only fire McClellan but also issue the Emancipation Proclamation. 

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Alvin Busic and his spicey songπŸ˜‰

The general’s got a quick hand
He'll look across the field, he won't tell you his plan
He's got a cheap cigarette, hanging out his mouth like he's a cowboy kid
Yeah, found some artillery
in Dixie’s closet in a box of fun things, I don't even know where
But he's coming for you, yes he's coming for you

All the other kids with their nice picnics,
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun(s)
 All the other kids with their cool trinkets,
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet
All the other kids with their nice picnics,
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun(s)
 All the other kids with their cool trinkets,
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet

Well it's been a long day,
Now it's getting late, yeah it's getting late
Now we'll give them a nice surprise
They'll leave all their wagons, their salt pork packed in ice
We've waited for a long time
The slight of his hand is now a quick pull trigger
He reasons with his fine mustache
Says now your under fire, you must have lost your tactics, yeah

All the other kids with their nice picnics,
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun(s)
 All the other kids with their cool trinkets,
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet
All the other kids with their nice picnics,
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun(s)
 All the other kids with their cool trinkets,
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet

All the other kids with their nice picnics,
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun(s)
 All the other kids with their cool trinkets,
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet
All the other kids with their nice picnics,
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun(s)
 All the other kids with their cool trinkets,
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet

All the other kids with their nice picnics,
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun(s)
 All the other kids with their cool trinkets,
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet
All the other kids with their nice picnics,
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun(s)
 All the other kids with their cool trinkets,
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet

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1861 blog- Heydi

Dear Ernest, i heard you were worried about me
Well dear there's nothing to worry about it's been tough but i'm alive and that's all that should matters. I'm writing to you, because you're the only one i can talk to about the past battle itself.
You know i was not drafted into military service but i willingly joined i know you want me to come back but leaving know would be like deserting my post during a battle.You have to understand i'm doing this for all of us. I do have to tell you i'm ill but please don't tell Ivarene shell worry her life away. Many of my comrades have died and the war just started they aren't dying from the actual battles though but rather the dysentery disease that is caused by the horrible conditions of where we reside.Anyways im writing to you to tell you about the first battle that took place i know you wanted to be well informed and what best source but someone that was there. I have to be real and say i was scared, scared that i might never see another day again that i might not ever get to see my kids or my wife, but Ernest we did it ! The first victory was taken by the Dixie’s July 16, 1861 the huge
Union armies marched into Virginia they wanted to cut our railroad at Manassas but our spy informed us in time for our general Beauregard to move his troops north. And with this new gained information we made a 8 mile long line of confederate soldiers on the side of Bull Run Creek. All throughout the battle the Union thought that they had taken the win because they had better weaponry and trained soldiers. People from all around were coming out of their houses and jobs to look at the ninety days war but after out confederate win they realized this would be more than a ninety day war battle. Keep me in the family’s prayers i hope i can see ya’ll soon, but for now we can hope to win this war. We had a great start overall with the Bull Run victory. Ill write to you as often as i can to inform you more about the upcoming battles.

Blog 1861 - Valeria Salgado

Diary Entry 15

The shots out there are loud, but not as loud as dads scream, when he tells me he fears the blacks attacking me. As we screamed for the Union army to get out, i fell. I dropped my cartridge box as well as my haversack. As I was running to get my opponents rifled musket, I saw my old friend BIlly on the floor grabbing his intestine, I heard the word “dysentery” being shout.  The next few days when the battles was “calm” even though there’s no such thing as calm, i went to get my greenback to buy salt pork. Today has been great, we had a drill earlier, I did good like always. From what I recall from the battle of mannasas, is the fact the we screamed at the unionist freaking them out, im pretty mad at the fact that we didn't go to capture their capitol. Since they wanted to do that to me.
 I got a letter from my sister, saying that mother is sick, it made me upset because my mother is my everything. I hope she gets better, I'm sad that I can't be there providing for her. 

James Brooks 1861

It's 1861 and the war has officially begun starting with the battle of Manasas. I have to admit that the battle was pretty brutal. In the first few minutes the union army was fighting pretty rough but at some Point through all the smoke, bullets almost stopped flying through the air. When we spotted the union soldiers they were picking things up from the ground, that was an opportunity for us, we started taking them down one by one. The bloody battle came to an end and the union soldiers looked pretty shaken, most of the picnickers watching had left due to the dangerous war zone. After the war a lot of soldiers were wiped out by dysentery, some even were charged of desertion in fear of getting sick, sadly they weren't very lucky and the whole group that tried to leave was sentenced to death. Many union folks started calling us Dixie followers, it makes the officers extremely mad.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Alvin Busic diarey entrie - July 21, 1861

Dear diarie,
Today we had a real hard battle near Manasses. We won, so that was actualy pretty cool. I'm sure glad us Confederates won this here battle. I miss y'all very much, and some of my boys in our infantry have caught that dysentry nonsense. They say it is very bad and they may die, so I hope they will be alright. As for me, the rest of us have been foraging for sum good food to eat, as we must save our precious rations. Sum dum yanks decided to have them a picnic, but we ran em off and ate all there food. It was quite tasty. I certainly hope this here war will end soon, as I miss everyone dearly. Best wishes,

Diary Entry Fred Bloom Jr.

diary entry,
today was a tought day of hard work. we had to go clean up the scene from the battle that happend right here in manassas. when i fought in manassas i came in on train right as gerneral beauregard oreded a counter attack and we charge the unionist. i could see the courage and determinating in general stonewall jacksons eyes when we charged and eventally made those unionist retreat. i talked to a soilder after the battle and he said that we were were deployed in a line when the union army advanced and flanked them, he told me everyone was retreading until stonewall jackson's courage saved us the battle. i myself am very scared and nervous about the war and it may all play out. i got a letter from susan yesterday saying that billy is sick and so i prayed for him to have a quick recovery. i still miss the days when lincoln wasnt trying to ruin the southern way o life and we lived peacefuly doing nothn in particular but gettin slaves. when i surveyed the battle field i saw enought  casualties for the whole war. sadly though the war is stil waging on and i feel like there will be many more battles to fight in.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ivarene and Flash Perkins- letter 1st blog

Washington, D. C.
Sunday, July 20th 1861

To:my husband dearest: Flash perkins
From: your beloved wife: ivarene perkins

Dear husband you are so very much missed here back at Fayetteville AK by your children and myself, a day without you seems to be double its time.The children are worried and needy of you, we don't know how long this war will last and i worry the kids will grow up without a paternal figure in their lives.
To top all that off my  father constantly asks about you and i don't know what to tell him anymore he's consistent on this decision he wants you to come back. But that's the smallest of our problems right now I haven't heard anything from or about you since after the Bull-Run battle at Manassas with so many casualties in that battle i'm starting to get worried about your whereabouts.  I don't know how to keep myself from worrying about you, i know you are doing the right thing by fighting to assure our future but i can't help but miss you. In times like this i feel like fighting for something we don't own is absurd but you being the good person you are, still offered to help. We don't posses any slaves but i know you would like to since you left to fight in this war. I know it's something you would like us to someday have, someday when we leave the misery we live in behind. it won't be hard with a stable job after you come back and all your unique qualities your good persona and hard working character we will leave poverty very soon.  I hope to hear back from you even though i know you're not a good at reading or writing i just pray to god someone there is good enough to read this for you and write back.

Washington, D. C.
Wednesday, July 26th 1861
From: FlAsh Perkins
To: Ivarene PerKins
The times are hard but my spirits high we did after all take victory. Throughout the battle i was in charge of one of the batteries and even if my experience is not much i easily got the hang of it. We practiced drills before the battle to make our small armies look prepared even though we were all scared but willing to fight for the Union to recognize us and let us secede.   Tell my kids that i miss them and that it's for the best that i'm here. The confederacy needed me and i couldn't refuse. Remember we're fighting for a country where those blacks walk around like their us. The Union should recognise that we are superior to the negroes they are “dumb and can't be trusted”, their brains are smaller than ours and we can't let them walk around thinking they are equal to us. Slaves were born slaves and should be kept as such. Im doing it for my kids and their future. Hope to hear from you soon, your dear husband Flash.  

Letter to Susan Bloom

Dear Susan Bloom,
I just enlisted in the army and becaus of my good character they have promoted me to regiment leader. The rest of my regimet is good and we all have good hearts. I am nervious to go against the Union and there aboliyionists I know the war is gonna be hard and we are not probilbe to win but I am gonna work as hard as I can to help the Confereracy. When I joined they gave me a Cartridge box.  I haven't seen any battles yet but Im sure our regiment wil hold strong against the Union. I also cant believe that the boarder states have betrayed Dixie and the southern way of life. I will keep writing you Susan and I hope you will try to write me back aswell. Please tell our little boy Billy that i love him and i will see him when this war is over.
Fred Bloom Jr.

Lawrence Simonds letter 1- Valeria Salgado

Dear beloved sister,

It’s my fourth arrest, they put me in jail for “harassing” a black guy. Telling black people to get out of my way as I head to work, I’s a seamen, isn’t bad. The blacks wouldn’t move they just stood there like nothing, I pushed at least two of ‘em, one fell to the lake, it was funny. I’m glad that the law doesn’t know about the worst I’ve done to the blacks. I almost killed one of those filthy people. I don’t really care that I’s behind these cells, I’m just mad that I’m in trouble with the law because of them, I always get in trouble with the law for being shady but this is my first dealing with the blacks. I despite them black folks, they should want an owner like me. I just can’t seem to get much money out of being a seamen, one day though, they're going to be working for me, doing what I want them to do for me. My dad Samuel Simonds always told me to be in the lookout but, I simply don’t listen or care. Dad’s been talking about them freed slaves causing trouble for him, he said they competitors. My competition on the other hand be them abolitionist, I wish that those who want the abolitionist movement should be put in prison. Once I’m out of this hell-hole which is in about 4 hours, I’ll make sure to do my best fighting against the union, as a dixie, I can say that I’m thrilled to fight for keeping slavery. What I’ve heard though is that, the rations are disgusting, I love my mother’s beef and cornmeal fried with bacon grease, I hope that the food isn’t as bad as people say. I’ve heard plenty of stories, but since I’m a recruit,I don’t know what to believe. I'm ready to meet new people! I hope I get a good rank but who knows maybe I'll just remain a Seamen. Did you know that me and mother went to look for rifled musket I really miss you, dad , and mother. It's tough being in this cell, so lonely. I want you as my precious sister to take care of our parents!

With love and thought from jail , your brother Lawrence Simonds

Alvin Busic journal entry #1

hey yall, its in fact me, private alvin busic here. it has been some rough weeks here down south, but all is good with me, because my infantry divison is pretty nice. my haversack is getting worn and my rations may be runnin low, but i am fine. them there hardtacks are quite succulint as heck, so they sure hit that spot. i sure as hecc miss all yall a bunch, especially my papa homer ;). i hope to see evryun soon enuff and have sum "fun tims" once this here war is over and return to my favorit town, meridian misissipi.maybe when i get back, well even have a slave or two! i have been scared pretty well sometimes, but i was learned how to shoot a rifle real good, and i also can now wirk one of dem cool artillery thangs as well, so them there heckin yanks will go down! i hope to see mama and my sisters back home soon. i miss yall dearly.
-yaboii alvinπŸ‘Œ

James Brooks Intro Blog

My name is James Brooks,  corporal for the disciples of Dixie. Life as a soldier isn't charming. I had to leave my life back home behind, all my unfinished buissness stays unfinished till this wars over. I'm the only one in my troop that has any brains, my skills could get me a job but serving my country was what I had to do. My father forced me to go to war, he said he couldn't do it himself due to old age so he had to send his only son which was sadly me. I had to leave my girlfriend and being forced to do something by your father at the age 23 isn't exactly how I pictured my life going. So far life here in a war zone is pretty finatic, officers worried about how the confederacy is going to prove themselves in the main attack at the time, I'm hoping the war will be short and I can return to my normal life and get a good job to take care of my soon to be wife. Well hopefully this will blow over, honestly it doesn't matter to me how the war goes as long as I can make money somehow soon after. My food rations here are terrible me and troop get salt pork a day barely enough to fuel us due to our low class rank. I'm hoping at some point in this silly war I can secede and come back to my life in Richmond.

last blog post-heydi

Dear ivarene,  the moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. We've come to the end of this horrific war. I don't know ...