Thursday, April 20, 2017

1862 blog-Heydi

Dear Ernest
I write to you again to inform you about the most recent battles. The past months have been harsh it's a miracle i'm still alive at this point, i see death at every moment of the day, it's sickening my partners are dying from diseases caused by malnutrition and poor sanitation. The poor sanitation in the camps causes a fatal disease in the human intestines called Dysentery. Soldiers were dying from fatal diseases like the one i mentioned before but also because
most of the time the only thing we have to eat is hardtack a nasty hard cracker that's only any good when you are starving which was most of the time because the rations provided to each soldier are very limited. I've seen more death from diseases than from the actual battles, the people who do get hurt from battling and have serious injuries are put to sleep by a liquid drug similar to anesthesia called Chloroform.
I've been sick but don't tell ivarene she'll worry and that's far from what i want. In the past month's we've lost two of our forts including fort Henry, Fort Donelson,and  so many of our soldiers have died. This battle at Shiloh was the bloodiest battle in the US history with over 23,000 casualties. Our army planned a surprise attack on the Union army and we almost got their entire army captured but to our dismay Grant showed up and helped the Union Armies recover. To  make matters worse no one lost or won at the battle of Sharpsburg but the Union claimed victory because we were forced to retreat after a soldier yells “about face” in the bloody lane. After all we did great our Armies were smaller by huge numbers but we still managed to push back on the Union armies with the help of the confederate infantry and delay their crossing of the bridge. The great leadership of our generals delayed the bridge crossing for two hours. Thank god one of the Union generals that went by the name of McClellan was acting very naive throughout the whole battle. His decisions were giving us advantages, advantages that we needed to compensate our small numbers. A guy like him didn't deserve such a high rank  he had less battling capacities than the soldiers he was  commanding, and none of the qualities needed to be a successful leader.
That's not the worst part, this battle helped the cause that we are fighting against. After the Union claimed victory the President of the Union, Abraham Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation. This could be either to or against our advantage because this allowed negroes to fight in the Union side but at the same time gave us hope that the border states would secede at last and join us in this fight. Hopefully the upcoming months would bring better situations than what the past months brought. In the upcoming battles we will try to use the small number of advantages we have like the great cavalry, most of soldiers like me grew up riding horses. This will be one of the biggest advantages we have,  the only problem with this is that we each have to bring our own horses. I write to you to ask if you could kindly send me my horse because it's our only source i have for obtaining it and helping the other mounted infantry. Tell ivarene and the kids that i love and miss them and that  i'll write to them soon. Love- Flash Perkins 

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