Tuesday, April 25, 2017

1863 blog-Heydi

  • Dear Ivarene I can't express how much I miss you, now is when I realized that I had so much back at home , unlike many others here I actually have a family back at home waiting for my arrival. Many of the soldiers here die without no one ever claiming to be related to them, it's heart sickening. Battle by battle our armies get smaller and the supplies diminish, this past battle out of every single other one costed us more than ever at the battle of Gettysburg I saw men falling at my left and right sides with nothing that I could have done for them. This battle left everyone exhausted as it lasted for three days, new tactics were used especially by a union general who put his troops in a fish hook formation during the battle. Throughout the battle the Union held the high ground preventing many of our forts from getting what they needed meaning many of the things used were being smuggled by contraband. People who couldn't even get the smuggled goods were forced to forage the near by cities and survive out of hardtack, let me tell you these months were so bad that people were living out of rats. At this point there were so many casualties that injured men outnumbered town's people twelve to one and blood was seen everywhere. Our soldiers are devastate as this was General Lee's greatest defeat and most blood some battle. July 4, 1863 now left the confederacy devised in two and the union now controlled the whole Mississippi River:( please keep the confederacy in your prayers at all time at this point only a miracle can help us. 

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