Monday, April 24, 2017

1863- lemonade recipe and being homesick written by fred bloom jr. to fred bloom sr. Taner

dear pa
you probley dont remember this lemonade recipe from when i was younger becase of your alzheimers diaease but i do so i atached it to letter.

first we picked all the lemons we could find on our lemon trees. next we squezed all the lemons we had and added for cups of water to the pitchr and a couple of spons ful of sugar.

i remember we would drink all the lemonade together on the porch and we would watch the chickens and tend to the farm. homemake meals are alot better then what we eat now. now we are forced to ration our salted pork and hardtack. now anythng at home sems like a dream. it feels like one day your younge and with your dad drinking lemonad and the next your in a battle against the union with artillery firing all around you. pa i would sacrifice so much just to see you anytime soon and for this war to end. i know we all care about slavery but pa we are to poor to own slaves pa how dose slavery effect us if we dont own any. pa im starting to feel like this war isn't ment for jonny rebs like us but it is my duty to keep figh'n. pa i heard about the horors of gettysburg and im gettin afraid that dixie might lose this war or i might lose my life. i also heard about vicksburg and how the union has controll of the mississippi river. well pa i hope the recipe brings back some of your old memories and that you will tell me about what going on back at the farm.
fred bloom jr.

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