Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Dear ivarene
Im desperate i didn't want to worry you or Earnest but we are doing bad really bad. You might think i'm exaggerating knowing how i am but this time it's no exaggeration the Union is really defeating us. To make this clearer let me tell you about the past battle. It all started with a group of soldiers led by General sherman a cruel federal general that proposed to ruin anything that had to do with the confederacy and use that all throughout as his main strategy.  Their first tactic was to destroy our communication and railroad lines, but what seemed to be their main attack was to destroy Atlanta which is one of the few major manufacturing centers for us during this war.  Their infantry decided they would also destroy and terrorize Georgia.Sherman's men had no mercy and went through the land causing massive destruction by starting huge fires that later caused us not only all of our supplies but many lives too. In the long run Sherman's march was practically the ruin of us, as we could no longer have ammunition as needed but work with the very little that was left. At this point i really don't know if we're going to make it Ivarene, whatever happens know that you and the kids mean the world to me hope to write to u soon with better news love flash. 

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