Wednesday, April 19, 2017

a letter explaining my daily life to fred bloom sr. -fred bloom jr.

dear pa,
the daily life of a soilder isnt easy first we wake up at dawn n had to work on tactics and preparing for our battle strategy's time. next we would be spent cleaning out unforms, weapons, and coking meals. after that we would have to go right back to more drills until time to eat and hit the hay. most night someone in our regimet has to go do picket duty and it made a longer and hardr day. how is life going with you pa. i hope its good because war has not ben. we lost many men at a major batle known as the battle of sharpsburg. at sharpsburg general mccellan was making many bad choices and could have easily flanked us many times. in better news in the south we have been wining many other batles and we will continue in the name of Dixie. pa i cant believe what lincoln is trying to do! he is freeing all the slaves in the confederacy but not in the boarder states. well even if those slaves are free they will never survive on their own and will just be a anoyance to the southerners. any way please write me back pa and i hope to se you soon when this war ends.
fred bloom jr.

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