Monday, April 24, 2017

Alvin Busic diary entry - 1863 - The battle of Gettysburg

Dear diary,
Yesterday we were engaged in a battle that in total lasted 3 days. It didn't end so good for us johnny rebs. After just the first two days of fighting, there were over 37 000 casualties. We were able to push the Unioners back into Gettysburg, but then they got the high ground. Somehow, one Union regiment ran out of all their minie balls and even defended themselves with bayonets. We're not doing so good. I just wish we had more food variety during the war - I'm tired of salt pork and hardtack. Mr general Lee himself even sent some heavy artillery in to try to disarm the Union center, but unfortunately, they fired too high so when they went to take the Northereners over, they were overrun because they didn't know there were so many Union soldiers left. We could've maybe won, but the Northerners had so much more guns and troops that even with our brilliant command we didn't really stand a chance. Well, that's all for now.

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