Thursday, April 6, 2017

Alvin Busic journal entry #1

hey yall, its in fact me, private alvin busic here. it has been some rough weeks here down south, but all is good with me, because my infantry divison is pretty nice. my haversack is getting worn and my rations may be runnin low, but i am fine. them there hardtacks are quite succulint as heck, so they sure hit that spot. i sure as hecc miss all yall a bunch, especially my papa homer ;). i hope to see evryun soon enuff and have sum "fun tims" once this here war is over and return to my favorit town, meridian misissipi.maybe when i get back, well even have a slave or two! i have been scared pretty well sometimes, but i was learned how to shoot a rifle real good, and i also can now wirk one of dem cool artillery thangs as well, so them there heckin yanks will go down! i hope to see mama and my sisters back home soon. i miss yall dearly.
-yaboii alvin👌

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