Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Biscuits -Valeria -extra

Dear sistar,
I received your letter about the biscuts that I used to help mom with, I don’t know why you like them a lot but I guess it’s cause I give them that hint of love. So I hope you enjoy my famous simonds-bits.
So what you want to do first is have your measurements and ingridients ready. What you’ll need is flour, baking powder, salt, milk, butter, spoons, container, metal, pans.
Mom already knows the measurements so just ask her for those, cause to be honest, she did the measurements and I just added the touch. I'm not telling you all of it because it's a secret but your biscuits could be similar to mine.
Once mom is done with the mesurments, go ahead and pour the flour into the container.
Now take some time to Make sure you go outside and start a fire, just like you were to roast chicken.
Once your done from that, go ahead and mix the flour with the baking powder, salt.
Stir that around to make sure that everything is well distributed.
Once that is done, add the milk into the container. Don't add a lot though
Stir that once again.
To have that sort of texture let it sit for about 3 minutes
Then put on gloves
In the pan , go ahead and place your raw biscuit dough
Make sure to atleast out 4 just in case that they don't cook good
Go ahead and place the pan outside on top of the fire
Let it sit for 2 minutes
Make sure you flip it after those 2 minutes
You can flip them when the golden color is shown.
Once your done just make sure to put mashed potatoes
Sister if this recipe isn't good enough I'm sorry,I can't think well right now. I promise that If i ever get to make it home, I'll make sure to make them biscuits

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