Monday, April 10, 2017

Blog 1861 - Valeria Salgado

Diary Entry 15

The shots out there are loud, but not as loud as dads scream, when he tells me he fears the blacks attacking me. As we screamed for the Union army to get out, i fell. I dropped my cartridge box as well as my haversack. As I was running to get my opponents rifled musket, I saw my old friend BIlly on the floor grabbing his intestine, I heard the word “dysentery” being shout.  The next few days when the battles was “calm” even though there’s no such thing as calm, i went to get my greenback to buy salt pork. Today has been great, we had a drill earlier, I did good like always. From what I recall from the battle of mannasas, is the fact the we screamed at the unionist freaking them out, im pretty mad at the fact that we didn't go to capture their capitol. Since they wanted to do that to me.
 I got a letter from my sister, saying that mother is sick, it made me upset because my mother is my everything. I hope she gets better, I'm sad that I can't be there providing for her. 

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