Monday, April 10, 2017

1861 blog- Heydi

Dear Ernest, i heard you were worried about me
Well dear there's nothing to worry about it's been tough but i'm alive and that's all that should matters. I'm writing to you, because you're the only one i can talk to about the past battle itself.
You know i was not drafted into military service but i willingly joined i know you want me to come back but leaving know would be like deserting my post during a battle.You have to understand i'm doing this for all of us. I do have to tell you i'm ill but please don't tell Ivarene shell worry her life away. Many of my comrades have died and the war just started they aren't dying from the actual battles though but rather the dysentery disease that is caused by the horrible conditions of where we reside.Anyways im writing to you to tell you about the first battle that took place i know you wanted to be well informed and what best source but someone that was there. I have to be real and say i was scared, scared that i might never see another day again that i might not ever get to see my kids or my wife, but Ernest we did it ! The first victory was taken by the Dixie’s July 16, 1861 the huge
Union armies marched into Virginia they wanted to cut our railroad at Manassas but our spy informed us in time for our general Beauregard to move his troops north. And with this new gained information we made a 8 mile long line of confederate soldiers on the side of Bull Run Creek. All throughout the battle the Union thought that they had taken the win because they had better weaponry and trained soldiers. People from all around were coming out of their houses and jobs to look at the ninety days war but after out confederate win they realized this would be more than a ninety day war battle. Keep me in the family’s prayers i hope i can see ya’ll soon, but for now we can hope to win this war. We had a great start overall with the Bull Run victory. Ill write to you as often as i can to inform you more about the upcoming battles.

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