Sunday, April 9, 2017

Diary Entry Fred Bloom Jr.

diary entry,
today was a tought day of hard work. we had to go clean up the scene from the battle that happend right here in manassas. when i fought in manassas i came in on train right as gerneral beauregard oreded a counter attack and we charge the unionist. i could see the courage and determinating in general stonewall jacksons eyes when we charged and eventally made those unionist retreat. i talked to a soilder after the battle and he said that we were were deployed in a line when the union army advanced and flanked them, he told me everyone was retreading until stonewall jackson's courage saved us the battle. i myself am very scared and nervous about the war and it may all play out. i got a letter from susan yesterday saying that billy is sick and so i prayed for him to have a quick recovery. i still miss the days when lincoln wasnt trying to ruin the southern way o life and we lived peacefuly doing nothn in particular but gettin slaves. when i surveyed the battle field i saw enought  casualties for the whole war. sadly though the war is stil waging on and i feel like there will be many more battles to fight in.

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