Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ivarene and Flash Perkins- letter 1st blog

Washington, D. C.
Sunday, July 20th 1861

To:my husband dearest: Flash perkins
From: your beloved wife: ivarene perkins

Dear husband you are so very much missed here back at Fayetteville AK by your children and myself, a day without you seems to be double its time.The children are worried and needy of you, we don't know how long this war will last and i worry the kids will grow up without a paternal figure in their lives.
To top all that off my  father constantly asks about you and i don't know what to tell him anymore he's consistent on this decision he wants you to come back. But that's the smallest of our problems right now I haven't heard anything from or about you since after the Bull-Run battle at Manassas with so many casualties in that battle i'm starting to get worried about your whereabouts.  I don't know how to keep myself from worrying about you, i know you are doing the right thing by fighting to assure our future but i can't help but miss you. In times like this i feel like fighting for something we don't own is absurd but you being the good person you are, still offered to help. We don't posses any slaves but i know you would like to since you left to fight in this war. I know it's something you would like us to someday have, someday when we leave the misery we live in behind. it won't be hard with a stable job after you come back and all your unique qualities your good persona and hard working character we will leave poverty very soon.  I hope to hear back from you even though i know you're not a good at reading or writing i just pray to god someone there is good enough to read this for you and write back.

Washington, D. C.
Wednesday, July 26th 1861
From: FlAsh Perkins
To: Ivarene PerKins
The times are hard but my spirits high we did after all take victory. Throughout the battle i was in charge of one of the batteries and even if my experience is not much i easily got the hang of it. We practiced drills before the battle to make our small armies look prepared even though we were all scared but willing to fight for the Union to recognize us and let us secede.   Tell my kids that i miss them and that it's for the best that i'm here. The confederacy needed me and i couldn't refuse. Remember we're fighting for a country where those blacks walk around like their us. The Union should recognise that we are superior to the negroes they are “dumb and can't be trusted”, their brains are smaller than ours and we can't let them walk around thinking they are equal to us. Slaves were born slaves and should be kept as such. Im doing it for my kids and their future. Hope to hear from you soon, your dear husband Flash.  

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