Monday, April 10, 2017

James Brooks 1861

It's 1861 and the war has officially begun starting with the battle of Manasas. I have to admit that the battle was pretty brutal. In the first few minutes the union army was fighting pretty rough but at some Point through all the smoke, bullets almost stopped flying through the air. When we spotted the union soldiers they were picking things up from the ground, that was an opportunity for us, we started taking them down one by one. The bloody battle came to an end and the union soldiers looked pretty shaken, most of the picnickers watching had left due to the dangerous war zone. After the war a lot of soldiers were wiped out by dysentery, some even were charged of desertion in fear of getting sick, sadly they weren't very lucky and the whole group that tried to leave was sentenced to death. Many union folks started calling us Dixie followers, it makes the officers extremely mad.

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