Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lawrence Simonds letter 1- Valeria Salgado

Dear beloved sister,

It’s my fourth arrest, they put me in jail for “harassing” a black guy. Telling black people to get out of my way as I head to work, I’s a seamen, isn’t bad. The blacks wouldn’t move they just stood there like nothing, I pushed at least two of ‘em, one fell to the lake, it was funny. I’m glad that the law doesn’t know about the worst I’ve done to the blacks. I almost killed one of those filthy people. I don’t really care that I’s behind these cells, I’m just mad that I’m in trouble with the law because of them, I always get in trouble with the law for being shady but this is my first dealing with the blacks. I despite them black folks, they should want an owner like me. I just can’t seem to get much money out of being a seamen, one day though, they're going to be working for me, doing what I want them to do for me. My dad Samuel Simonds always told me to be in the lookout but, I simply don’t listen or care. Dad’s been talking about them freed slaves causing trouble for him, he said they competitors. My competition on the other hand be them abolitionist, I wish that those who want the abolitionist movement should be put in prison. Once I’m out of this hell-hole which is in about 4 hours, I’ll make sure to do my best fighting against the union, as a dixie, I can say that I’m thrilled to fight for keeping slavery. What I’ve heard though is that, the rations are disgusting, I love my mother’s beef and cornmeal fried with bacon grease, I hope that the food isn’t as bad as people say. I’ve heard plenty of stories, but since I’m a recruit,I don’t know what to believe. I'm ready to meet new people! I hope I get a good rank but who knows maybe I'll just remain a Seamen. Did you know that me and mother went to look for rifled musket I really miss you, dad , and mother. It's tough being in this cell, so lonely. I want you as my precious sister to take care of our parents!

With love and thought from jail , your brother Lawrence Simonds

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