Thursday, April 6, 2017

Letter to Susan Bloom

Dear Susan Bloom,
I just enlisted in the army and becaus of my good character they have promoted me to regiment leader. The rest of my regimet is good and we all have good hearts. I am nervious to go against the Union and there aboliyionists I know the war is gonna be hard and we are not probilbe to win but I am gonna work as hard as I can to help the Confereracy. When I joined they gave me a Cartridge box.  I haven't seen any battles yet but Im sure our regiment wil hold strong against the Union. I also cant believe that the boarder states have betrayed Dixie and the southern way of life. I will keep writing you Susan and I hope you will try to write me back aswell. Please tell our little boy Billy that i love him and i will see him when this war is over.
Fred Bloom Jr.

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