Thursday, April 6, 2017

James Brooks Intro Blog

My name is James Brooks,  corporal for the disciples of Dixie. Life as a soldier isn't charming. I had to leave my life back home behind, all my unfinished buissness stays unfinished till this wars over. I'm the only one in my troop that has any brains, my skills could get me a job but serving my country was what I had to do. My father forced me to go to war, he said he couldn't do it himself due to old age so he had to send his only son which was sadly me. I had to leave my girlfriend and being forced to do something by your father at the age 23 isn't exactly how I pictured my life going. So far life here in a war zone is pretty finatic, officers worried about how the confederacy is going to prove themselves in the main attack at the time, I'm hoping the war will be short and I can return to my normal life and get a good job to take care of my soon to be wife. Well hopefully this will blow over, honestly it doesn't matter to me how the war goes as long as I can make money somehow soon after. My food rations here are terrible me and troop get salt pork a day barely enough to fuel us due to our low class rank. I'm hoping at some point in this silly war I can secede and come back to my life in Richmond.

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