Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Valeria - Lawrence - 1862 blog

Dear Sister,
After a day of tought figting with the unionist  I can say that I'm proud of how far the rebels have gone. We haven't completely back down or anything bad like that, we had our little falls but we have the greatest general ever who has kept in check that we fight for what we want! To keep slavery, let's keep all of the negros working for us the whites. So in the battle of SHARPSBURG, not one side of the force got defeated. As the yanks pushed us, we prepared ourselves and pushed forward towards them. McClellan's plan was to deploy , it didn't seem to work out so well because we ended up at Dunker Church footsteps, it's so ironic because the people in the church didn't believe that violence was correct, and we fought right by their holy place. Let hours pass by and then suddenly McClellan's tactics started improving because the rebs were getting flanks . That's when I knew I had to do something big, I grabbed my minnie balland I tried to fire as fast as I can, I killed at least 8 people. I know that I'm somewhat the best. Sadly I'm still seaman.
This battle lasted like a day, the fastest battle I ever experienced, by far one of my favorites. It's even my favorite because the so called GeneraL of the yanks, McClellan got f-i-r-e-d , fired!! I'm happy for Lee, because now he doesn't have to deal with a fool. But after this battle Mr LincoLn thought it was great to issue the emancipation, which is not a good idea but whatever. I always knew this country was doomed since Lincoln went into office
Well I love you so much sisture

Weth lav and jope , yaur bruther lawrence Simonds

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