Sunday, May 14, 2017

Last letter... Lawrence-Valeria

This is it sistar.. all my sacrifice , my love to fight for slavery is gone. Lee suraander , i never thought he wouul do that, I dirent see it coming from a guy likh him. The CONFEDERATE lost, we were defeated. I feel horribal I could've prevet all of it, Lee wouldn't of sarrender, I'm passionate to work as a grayback i didn't see this coming not from Lee.
This is how it all happened :( Saylur creak was our final battle. The day of April 6.. the saddest day. Lee surrendered in Apommatoox Courthose, it was excruciating to watch so i stayed outside of Wilmer Mclean’s house, he was the guy that allowed both generals to address the issues in his very own front room of his house. I kept my rifled musket. Nothing else just that very weapon, you might ask why, well because it's the only weapon I owned. If they weren't our own weapons or horses we had to relinquish them, so Jinny the horse is now in the north.. I had to make a promise that I didn't want to keep and it was to not fight again and to go home. But it's not simple, I fought to keep slaves, I fought to destroy the Abolitionist , who knows if they free the slaves. I'm sad I probably am not making sense I apologize.

With a brooken hart, Lawrence

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