Monday, May 1, 2017

letter to billy from papa fred bloom jr.

dear billy
i know times may be hard at home but they cant be as hard as they are here in the army. billy i heard about what happend at shermans march and i hope yu are ok aswell as your mother. i heard about how the troops burned and foraged al the food. is our smal farm ok billy? it would be heart breaking to hear the damage caused to our house and if you were harmed. i cant beleve that the union would go as far as to harm the civilans and inocent in the war. they probebly did it because they cant beat up in a battle so they beat our familys. billy i heard about how scared you are foor me and my infantry but it is ok and we wil continue to protect and serve our great new naton. billy when i come home I'm gona teach you all about what the military is like so one day you will help our south. ill teach you everything from picket duty to riden horses. maybe you will become a officer or general and bring us to be like the planters. we can only dream our the future since ours is at risk with the war. i will see you soon billy
papa fred.

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